the shelves deserted and the checkout lines are longer than all the tinsel tying up the trees

first of all, i'm super rad, so jot that down

Hi again! This is an about that should feel a little more personal. :3

I go by Vergil online and Dimitri offline! There's a little divide since I told myself I wouldn't change my name again... offline. Online is a different story. ;)

I'm trans, 19 years old, and I'm slowly trying to get my life together. It's hard, but I have a partner I love and a supportive place to stay, so I think I'm going to be alright!

I made this page after watching Vinny Vinesauce play Hypnospace Outlaw, and that coupled with the fact that a good friend of mine made also made a NeoCities page made me want to make one, too! (Find them here!)

I was born right as the 90s were ending, (in December of '99, in fact!) so this isn't the aesthetic I grew up with, but I've always really appreciated how personal webpages like these are. (Plus, I just really like the 90s aesthetic.)

I hope to come back to this and update it often! My Carrd is still going to be the best place to go to learn about me, but this is a little personal project that I've enjoyed working on so far!