the shelves deserted and the checkout lines are longer than all the tinsel tying up the trees

Personal Links
  • My Carrd! (has a lot more information about me, since i don't want it to go obsolete!)
  • My DeviantArt! (i spend a lot of time here. it has plenty of my art on it!)
  • My Twitter! (i'm mostly here to satiate my need to browse and to talk to friends.)
  • My CuriousCat! (ask me questions! i'll also occasionally link this on twitter.)
  • My Toyhouse! (i put almost all of my characters here, including the four bouncing around on the main page!)
  • My Mastodon! (i'm not active here anymore really, but might as well link it?)
  • My FlightRising! (i love? dragons. thanks)
  • Feel free to ask for my Discord!